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With the innovative Sligone, Molix overcomes the “finesse” fishing barrier creating a simple bait that might increase your chances of catching a fish. The tail is thin in relation with the new “inflated” silhouette , emphasizing the ” Live Moving Style” concept and giving this lure a more natural and captivating motion. In practice, the tail comes to life, even when the bait sits still, with the sole movement of the water, and of course bringing to life it with very gentle rod twitches. The unique high density blend allows long and precise casts and a natural wobbling of the body, very similar to that of the real thing. The micronized salt and the new amino acids aroma added during the mixing process, ensure that then fish will hold the bait in its mouth for longer, with evident advantages for the hook-up.

Action: Sinking
Length: 14 cm (5.5 in) – 17,75 cm (7 in)

HOOKS: OH1600 (#3/0), OH1900 (#3/0), OH1100 (#3/0), OH1500 (#3/0), OH2700 (#3/0), OH1000 (#3/0), OH3400 (#1), OH3500 (#1)
JIG HEADS: OJ1300 (#2/0), OJ1500 (#2/0), OJ200 (#2/0), OJ500 (#1), OJ2000 (#3/0)


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