Spin Shad 110

Product Description

Thanks to its size this bait can be used to catch all kind of predators. The particular shape and position of the lip has proven extremely effective in triggering more bites. The swivel improves its rotation. It has two different eyelets for different action: the front one is ideal for trolling fishing, casting it in shallow water, and stop-and-go retrievals. The back pne causes the bait to tilt head down, swimming close to the bottom during slow retrievals. This is also the most suitable setting for vertical jigging because the bait is perfectly balanced during up and down movement. The internal weight is made with zinc alloy and it’s locked to the “wire through” system to makes this bait  particularly strong and suitable to catch record fish.
Weight: 55 g (2 oz)
Length: 11 cm (4.1/2 in)


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