Virago 4″

Product Description

The Molix Virago 4″ is a versatile bait with a thin lively tail, and a unique hollow body construction. An excellent baitfish imitator, it has an extremely lifelike swimming action on a variety of rigs, and also features incredibly realistic detailing and finishes. Constructed from super soft yet durable plastic that allows it to come to life with the slightest movement, the Molix Virago is available in a range of colors for all types of fishing conditions. The Virago 4″ size is an all around lure that can be rigged in several different ways and works wonders both in fresh and saltwater.
Action: Slow Sinking
Length: 10 cm (4 in)

HOOKS: OH1200 (#1), OH2600 (#1), OH1600 (#3/0), OH1500 (#3/0), OH2700 (#3/0), OH1900 (#3/0), OH1100 (#3/0), OH1000 (#3/0)
JIG HEADS: OJ1300 (#2/0), OJ1500 (#2/0), OJ200 (#2/0), OJ400 (#2/0), OJ300 (#2/0)


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