Lover Buzz SS

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Product Description

Weight: 1/2oz (14g)

When the Italian design meets a talented U.S. Pro angler like Mike Iaconelli what comes next is everything but some that really help to catch more fish. The Lover Buzz SS (super squeaky) is an innovative in-line buzzbait made to perform with any kind of predator and conditions. It has some special features and immediately put it on a different league compared to similar products. The blade, for example, XXL size, a very specific choice that shows the direction where the development has been brought forward, maximum efficient since the moment it touches the water, the chance to keep the lure on the surface even at reduced speed and obviously a massive discharge of noise, sprays and vibrations. The swinging hook of the Lover Buzz SS, kept in place by a silicon ring, covers two tasks offering a better hook up ratio and reducing the loss of fish when they shake the head to get rid of the lure. Last but not least, an hidden detail but nevertheless very important, a grained brass rivet that releases a squeaking noise – this is where SS comes from, super squeaky – with a tone that will draw fish from a distance.
ike signature colorMolix has finalized this lure thanks to the suggestions and tests made by Mike “Ike”Iaconelli Eilte U.S. Pro Angler. The Lover Buzz SS is also available in the Ike’s Signature Series Colors, and is Mike himself who explains us these colors in details:

lover buzz ss 18 bogolu dace#18 Bogolu Dace: This color was modeled from the small minnow, chub, and dace forage species that bass love to eat! The skirt and head colors enhance the blade flash and vibration and cause the fish to react! This is a really versatile color that really shines in clearer water and stream and river situations!

lover buzz ss 19 pummel fish#19 Pummel Fish: This was based off of the classic black and blue color that is so effective in other type of lures like jigs and vibration jigs. The toned down black blades make this one really special! It is perfect for low light conditions and for fishing at night! It’s also a sleeper when fishing in extremely clear water!

lover buzz ss 20 purple sinsay#20 Purple Sinsay: This color was taken from the fact that most bait fish forage species have a white and purple sheen to their coloration. Shad, Alewife, Herring, White Perch, Crappie, White Bass and many other types of forage have these same color attributes. This color is also an amazing color in rivers and tidal water!

lover buzz ss 21 mud vein#21 Mud Vein: This is really cool color combination that is normally hard to find. It has several applications. First, for extremely muddy or stained water, the front orange blade and copper blade combination allows the bass to find it more easily. Also, it is a perfect match when fishing in tannic based water color where forage species like golden shiners and roach are present. The copper blade makes this one stand out!

lover buzz ss 22 neon charmer#22 Neon Charmer: This loud color spinnerbaits has been one of my favorite colors for many years! It has several applications. First, for extremely aggressive fish and spices like smallmouth or spotted bass, the bright Chartreuse blades act as a aggravator and trigger an impulse strike; especially when retrieved very fast! The skirt color and flat mat finish head, make it a perfect match for many perch and panfish forage species that have a lot of Chartreuse and pale orange coloration. Finally, like Mud Vein, it’s also an amazing dirty water color and helps the bass track down the bait.