Baby Caleo Craw

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Product Description

The Baby Caleo is the smaller version of the Caleo and imitates the crawfish found into most body of water. The Baby Caleo Craw body is realized with a “variable” plastic mix: high density in his body and low density in his clamps. This allow us to have a consistent and dense body, thick enough to penetrate inside the heavy cover, and a pair of natural attractive clamps with a stand-up effect typical of the crawfish in defensive position. Another important feature are the “flaps” located below the body. They produce strong vibrations that can be heard by the lateral line of the fish and catch the air during the cast to release it during the fishing action. The Baby Caleo is poured with micro salt crystals and enhanced with Bio-Amino Scent, an exclusive natural extracts base formula. The Baby Caleo Craw is the perfect lure for pitching and flipping. It can be rigged with jig head, Carolina style, as jig trailer or weightless for a natural falling action. Being smaller than the Caleo Craw is better suited for finesse presentations.
Action: Sinking
Length: 7,5 cm (3in)

HOOKS: OH1200 (#2, #3), OH2600 (#2, #3), OH1900 (#1/0), OH1600 (#1/0), OH1100 (#1/0)
JIG HEADS: OJ1300 (#1 , #1/0) OJ1500 (#1/0), OJ1800 (#2), OJ500 (#1), OJ900 (#1), OJ200 (#1/0), OJ400 (#1/0)


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