Molix & Jack Fin, craftsmanship, design and technology innovation

In the “middle land” where the river meets the sea, between craftsmanship and avant-garde techniques is renewed and consolidated the collaboration between Molix and Jack Fin, even in 2018.

During the Pescare Show 2018 in Vicenza, there will be, like in Pescare Show 2017, the great synergy between the two Italian brands within the exhibition space. Many ongoing projects will be presented, some of them are highly anticipated, some others are on their way to the Italian market and new projects are under development.

From this collaboration, the result of the passion for fishing and the innovation shared by the two brands, comes the series “Tarpon” by Molix, that is enriched with the debut of the WTD 185T Slim.

WTD 185T Slim is an innovative top water, a mix of creativity and design 100% made in Italy, designed and developed by Jack Fin and industrialized by Molix through the best available technologies, like the brand new 3D Technology with which it is made, that gives to the lure realism and a greater structural solidity.

The teamwork and the synergy between the two brands develops industrially a lure that initially was handcrafted, respecting the original design and it has become a synthesis of talent, quality and it owns the advantages of an housing made of ABS with millimeter tolerances typical of the realization in series. The special colors, the result of the careful studies, the subsequently tests and the creations with the airbrush enrich this Popper with a singular and an innovative design.

For all fans, a limited edition series of the T-Popper, WTD 150T and other baits featuring by exclusive colors and finishes, made by Jack Fin, will be available on the new online store Molix.