Product Description

The Brugas is the result of the happy combination among high performance, small size and ballistics. The meticulous weight balance, the “flat” hydrodynamic design and the unique wobbling action that happens during the fall, allow you to work it with ease, even when extreme weather conditions with wind, strong currents, undertow and foam seem to collaborate to hinder our fishing. The Brugas is a compact sinking lure that casts extremely well and many fishermen – thanks to its thru wire construction – also took it on board to catch tuna. Its usual prey are sea bass, bluefish, barracuda and leerfish.

Length: 8,5 cm (3.3/8 in)
Weight:  20 g (3/4 oz)
Deep Range: 100 to 250 cm (3.2 to 8 feet)

HOOKS: OH2100 (#1/0), OH2900 (#1)


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