Jubarino Area

Product Description

The Jubarino Area, even though cannot be considered a new lure, has been revised and pushed a step forward on the “specialist lure” field. The belly treble disappears and we have now only have a dressed single hook on the back that is in charge of increasing the vibrations and make the lure look a tad bigger, it also carries a micro-barb easy to squeeze completely in order to comply with the regulations in places where barbless hooks are required. The Area model is a suspending lure, while the traditional Jubarino is slow sinking. We also developed a new series of colors that specialist fishermen will appreciate. The Jubarino Area, even though is very much trout fishing oriented, will sure grab the attention of Rockfishing, Freshwater Flats Fishing and Street Fishing enthusiasts.
Length: 5 cm (2 in)
Weight: 2,2 g (3/32 oz)
Deep range: 30 to 80 cm (1 to 2.5 feet)