Fioretto Speciale Trout Area Series

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The series is dedicated to the Trout Area fishing and is characterized by the lightness and the sensitivity. It allows the fisherman to make long and precise castings. The progressive and deep action allows an optimum control of the fish during the fight and reduces the risk of slamming during the competitions. It was tested in Japan and in Italy by professional anglers. They are equipped with high quality components such as the Fuji SIC K-frame rings.



This rod is designed for the most demanding agonists and fishermen of Trout Area Fishing. It is perfect to use in the starting phases of a contest, with active and aggressive fish. It is extremely light, it has a precise casting and a great power. These characteristics, together with the non-split handle, allow the quick retrieval of the fish. It has all the essential features to give an immediate response to the hook setting and let the angler fight in safety with barbless hooks.

6’0” LIGHT
LURE 0,8-4 g
LINE 2-4 lb


This rod was specifically designed for the Area Fishing using the crankbait. It was manufactured using the best technologies available nowadays. The blank offers a distinctly-progressive action: fine-quality carbon and rod tip made of Glass Solid Tip. These materials combined and the use of high-end components give the rod the right technical peculiarities, suitable for retrieving and managing even small crankbaits. The report tests confirm a really high success rate in retrieving the prey thanks to its Moderate/Slow action, paired with the use of super-thin Nylon, which are typical of this fishing technique. They are equipped with high quality components such as the Fuji SIC K-frame rings.

Lure: 0,5-5 g. | Line: 1-5 lb.
Trout Area | Glass Solid Tip


This fishing rod is designed for the most demanding Trout Area anglers. It is lightweight and extremely sensitive, precise during the casting and incredibly progressive and elastic during the traction. The action allows you to never loose the control with the fish, after the hook set. The fishing rod has all the features necessary for an immediate response to the hook set and for a safe handling of the fish using Barbless hooks. Excellent control of medium/light Spoons and great performances even casting at remarkable distances.

Lure: 1-4 g. | Line: 2-4 lb.
Trout Area





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