Pike Jerk 105

Product Description

Started as a handicraft lure, the Pike Jerk 105 has been later developed as an industrial product and respecting the original design it has finally got the best of both worlds, the traditional pike jerkbait handmade style and the extremely precise ABS construction. A thru-wire frame and high quality hooks complete the pack. The lure gets into action straight away and present a narrow and smooth swim matched with a perfect horizontal and vibrating drop. It also works great when regularly retrieved or trolled.
Length: 10,5 cm (4 in)
Weight: 55 gr (2 oz)

Length: 10,5 cm (4 in)
Weight: 65 gr (2.1/4 oz)
Deep range: 50 to 250 cm (1.6 to 8 feet) 


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