Skirmjan Trout Hunter Series

Molix debuts with the new series of Skirmjan Trout Hunter rods, a selected bunch of tools developed with expert Italian fishermen specially designed to fish wild or stocked trout in a variety of environments, natural and artificial. All rods carry high quality cork handles and are manufactured with a new carbon fiber wrapping technique to achieve a fast and responsive action.

skirmjan trout seriesThe MSK-T-702L is the lightest of the series (1/16oz – 5/16oz) to cast small spinners from #0 – #1 – #2, micro spoons and small soft baits like the CW Worm, RA Shad and 2″ Virago. It is recommended to fish stocked trout in ponds, springs and small creeks.


skirmjan trout seriesThe second lightest is the MSK-T-702ML, with a casting power up to 7/16oz it feels at home in medium sized creeks and is able to handle spinners up to #3 and soft baits in the 3″ range, as well as small jerkbaits.


For a wider use ranging from lakes to creeks and streams Molix offers the Skirmjan MSK-T-762ML. Nice tool to play with #3 spinners through the current or 3.5″ softies, in fact is especially responsive with soft baits. A version that, when not wading offers a little bit extra length compared to the 7′, that in certain situations comes pretty handy.

skirmjan trout series

With the MSK-T-762M, able to cast up to 5/8oz we are able to fish bigger streams with heavier lures such #4 spoons, minnows and 4″ soft plastics with jig heads. This model combines a great responsiveness on the most subtle nibbles with a very powerful backbone to leash the predators fighting with the favor of the current. Being a tad longer it is also of good use when fishing springs and lakes.


For the hunters of trophy fish, such large marbled trout, Molix has put together the MSK-T-732HH, a powerful stick to hunt big rivers and oversized streams, where the largest and most difficult predators inhabit. During our tests we squeezed with spinners up to #6 and even as far as 1oz in a strong current piece of water. It never showed a weak point with minnows and jerkbaits up to 1oz or soft baits from 3.75″ to 6″ rigged with 1/2oz jig heads. The rod shows a true attitude, with a tough backbone that wrestled strong fish in harsh conditions.

skirmjan trout seriesThe longest rod of the series is the MSK-T-802L has similar specifications to the MSK-T-702L but is a tad stronger and more responsive. Together with its improved length is a great stick to fish lakes, reservoirs or spots where casting a bit further could be the ticket for a bite. It handles lures up to 3/8oz and boast an extra fast action.