Skirmjan Trout Hunter Series

Molix debuts with the new series of Skirmjan Trout Hunter rods, a selected bunch of tools developed with expert Italian fishermen specially designed to fish wild or stocked trout in a variety of environments, natural and artificial. All rods carry high quality cork handles and are manufactured with a new carbon fiber wrapping technique to achieve a fast and responsive action. (more…)

Two new lures for trout fishing enthusiasts

Small, they say, is beautiful and we hope this is the case of the new releases that Molix is introducing into the market at the beginning of 2015. After the FC45/MR, the finesse crankbait, there are two products especially, but not exclusively, dedicated to trout fishermen, who fish both in natural environments or stocked reservoirs.


Nuovi colori per il Finder Jerk 150

There are two new colors for Molix’s classic jerkbait, the Finder Jerk 150. We added these patterns that are achieving a wide success among saltwater fishermen, and that have been requested many times. Both colors are already available for different Molix lures such the Finder 110 and  more. (more…)

Three new colors for the Jubarino

Thanks to the suggestions of our friends and staff we created three new colors for the Jubarino, the successful mini jerkbait so much appreciated by street fishing, rockfishing and freshwater flats fishing fishermen. Three specific freshwater patterns in ghost configuration, very much requested and so efficient.

jubarino 74 ghost perchThe #74 Ghost Perch replicates a tiny perch, a predator that before getting to its adult stage becomes, more often than not, forage for larger predators, including those of its own species.



jubarino 99 ghost shadThe #99 Ghost Shad, an interesting pattern, reminds a large part of the baitfish swimming in the waters of half the planet. We doubt that there is a single predator who would doubt, even for a second, what to to if it finds it swimming in front of its nose. We have the feeling that aslo many saltwater cannibals will have a go at it.

Also tjubarino 117 ghost scaleshe #117 Ghost Scales is very realistic and its decorated with scales that will increase its charm, is a very interesting pattern for not so clear waters and estuaries.

Molix summer news: 6″ RA Shad – SB80

Here we present two new releases already announced yet awaited by the lure fishing fans. We have the largest version of the RA Shad family and a smaller sibling of the well known tuna lure SB117.