Two new lures for trout fishing enthusiasts

Small, they say, is beautiful and we hope this is the case of the new releases that Molix is introducing into the market at the beginning of 2015. After the FC45/MR, the finesse crankbait, there are two products especially, but not exclusively, dedicated to trout fishermen, who fish both in natural environments or stocked reservoirs.

jubarino areaEven though it cannot entirely be considered a “new” product, the Jubarino Area sure has a strong personality thanks to its single dressed hook and a thrilling series of specifically made new patterns. We believe that the Jubarino Area could be an interesting lure for several finesse techniques that so many ultra light fisherman practice with enthusiasm.

trout spoonBrand new is the Trout Spoon, a small metal lure designed to specifically target trouts that display a large selection of colors to fish both natural and artificial environments. The size remains the same while the weight changes with the thickness of the steel, the Trout Spoon is in fact available in three different weights.